Fontana Sports closes Westside location

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- After almost 30 years on the Westside, Fontana Sports is closing its doors. The owners, John and Judith Hutchinson, are retiring, and their daughter will be taking over the business.

Fontana's downtown location will stay open, but it will not sell everything the Westside store has, like downhill skis and fly fishing equipment.

John said one reason they decided to close was increasing rent. He also thinks they have seen the impact of online shopping on their business, though he says the community has stayed loyal to his family's store.

"We’ve had a pretty steady business, but we definitely can see that our business hasn’t grown as much as it normally would have over the last probably 10 years with that online rise. A lot of our brands that we carry actually sell online, so we’re competing against our own vendors, it does make a difference," he said.

John and Judith said they are excited to have more time to spend with their family, but shutting down one of their stores has been hard.

"It’s bittersweet. On one hand, we’re happy that we can move on to another part of our life, but its’s hard," John said.

"These are people that have become, we’ve watched the children grow up through the ski or the scouts or the churches and the community, and then they have children and they’ve brought them back in, so it’s like family," Judith added.

The Hutchinsons plan to be out of the store by the end of March.