Former Packers employee charged for threatening to blow up Lambeau Field

Clayton Exferd
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GREEN BAY (FOX11) - A former Green Bay Packers employee was charged with disorderly conduct for threatening to “blow up the stadium and shoot everyone in it” while drunk at a bar.

Clayton Exferd, 67, pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor during a court appearance Thursday, court records show.

He was released on a signature bond, with orders to have no contact with Lambeau Field or the team, not consume alcohol, not to go into taverns, and not have any weapons. He returns to court Oct. 28 for a pre-trial conference, according to court records.

Exferd was allegedly in a downtown bar on Tuesday, when several people heard him make the threats. A bartender described him as drunk but not incapacitated.

Exferd told police he recently retired after working at the stadium for 16 years, but had no ill will or problems there.

“Exferd stated he had no recollection of any negative or threatening comments he ever made. Detective Steffens asked Exferd if he did not recall because it was the “booze talking,” and Exferd stated, “must have.” Exferd stated he did not have access to weapons and had no intentions of harming anyone,” the complaint states.