Former Wisconsin governor leaves door open for U.S. Senate run

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NATIONAL HARBOR, MD (Gray DC) -- Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is back in the spotlight after leaving office in January.

Thursday morning, he worked the stage at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

Walker pushed back on the left while delivering a message to conservative advocates.

Walker said, “Common sense conservative ideas work, and they continue to work in Wisconsin, and I think they can work for other states and the nation as a whole.”

Last November, Walker lost a bid for a third term to the state’s education superintendent, Tony Evers.

Walker says he’s giving speeches across the country. He also said he’s working for think tanks, non-profits, and businesses.

Walker said, “Almost all of the former governors I talked to said don’t just pick one thing. You’re going to be restless if you go from one-thousand things to one.”

Walker is not closing the door on returning to politics.
Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) made a campaign promise to leave the U.S. Senate after two terms.

When asked if he’d consider running for the seat, Walker said, “It would all depend on the impact. If I feel like I could have a positive impact on the lives of working men and women and their families in Wisconsin, then without a doubt I’d consider it.”

Johnson’s second term ends in 2022, and Walker said he’d make sure the senator does intend to step away before considering a bid of his own.

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