Free pet assessments available at Bad Dog Frida

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- "It takes five minutes max," Jessie Ray, manager of customer relations of Side by Side Pet, said.

Side by Side Pet specializes in nutrition for pets. Ray has been researching the pet nutrition options for almost 10 years.

"Pets are just like people," Ray said. "Our bodies need certain nutrients and so do our pets, but some kibble brands are not giving pets what they need."

Ray gives a simple five minute pet assessment that can help owners figure out what food, treats or supplements are best for their furry best friend.

"I get to know their pet, ask them questions about their personalities, behavior, eating habits, the condition of their pets eyes, tongue, skin, etc." Ray said. "This helps me determine if they run hot, neutral or cold."

Ray says that if a pet runs hot, neutral or cold, they need slightly different nutrients to make sure they are balanced.

"For example, if your pet runs hot, it might have dry/itchy skin, red eyes and pant a lot, so you would want to give them food that has cooling qualities to balance out their body," Ray said.

Ray is offering free pet assessments at Bad Dog Frida from 12-3 pm on Saturday April, 27. Owners can bring their pet in and Ray will ask them a few questions and then offer suggestions to add nutrients to their foods to make sure their getting an adequate balance.

You can also take the free pet assessment online: here.

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