Fundraiser brings 'Friends' orange couch to Wisconsin coffee shop

One of 20 replicas of the orange couch featured in the TV-show Friends could be coming to Cup O'Joe Coffee House in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. (Photo courtesy of Marcus Theaters via FOX11)
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TWIN LAKES (WLUK) -- A coffee shop in southern Wisconsin is calling on its "Friends" to help raise money for young hospital patients.

Cup O'Joe Coffee House in Twin Lakes is set to open in January.

The Friends-themed coffee shop announced on social media that it has the opportunity to get one of the 20 replicas of the famous orange, Central Perk couch from the show.

To get the couch to "PIVOT" to Wisconsin, Warner Brothers asked for a donation of least $7,500 for the Children's Wisconsin Hospital.

Friends fans can donate toward the cause to get reserved time on the couch when the shop opens.

- A $25 donation will secure a 15 minute reservation
- A $50 donation will secure a 30 minute reservation
- A $100 will secure an hour reservation
- A $200 will secure a two-hour reservation
- A $300 or more will secure a three-hour reservation

Warner Brothers would also include the coffee table, the rug and the backdrop to provide the perfect Central Perk scenery.

As of Friday the goal has surpassed $7,500 so the coffee shop will continue the GoFundMe account until the deadline, Nov. 20, 2019, to raise as much money as possible for the hospital.

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The fundraising for Children's Wisconsin is part of Marcus Theater's 4th annual Hollywood Movie Night. The event will be held on Nov. 21 at the Marcus Majestic Cinema in Brookfield with a premiere of Frozen 2. The event also features an online auction which includes the Friends couch set, all benefiting Children's Wisconsin.

The coffee shop will have plenty of other Friends touches like Marcel the monkey and a yellow peep hole frame.