GM Brick Giveaway brings back memories

Janesville, Wis (WMTV) -- Hundreds of cars lined up in Janesville on Saturday morning -- all to get their own piece of history.

This is the second brick giveaway for the old General Motor’s plant that Blackhawk Community Credit Union hosted.

Volunteers gave out thousands of bricks that used to piece together the General Motors Plant.

Cars and a motorcycle pulled in one by one to claim a piece of history.
Organizers said when GM closed, it took a piece of Janesville with them, and today they have the chance to give it back.

"It’s about memories and the love and respect that they want to honor their family members and all of these people volunteering are here to help honor that. Blackhawk Community Credit Union is honored to be a part of it," Lucy Beckord, Blackhawk Community Credit Union PR Coordinator said.

Previous GM Workers also came to the giveaway to take a trip back in time and share memories.

"There were times when I was hanging on a wall next to those bricks or actually worked on the business itself. It left quite a hole. When I drive by there it bothers me a little bit," Robert Seiler, who worked at GM for 30 years, said.

The organizer said if there are any bricks left over, there is a possibility they may host a third giveaway.