Bucky on Parade: Group visits all 85 Bucky statues in one day

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- As summer winds down, so does Bucky On Parade.

The beautiful statues are leaving their summer vacation spots on September 13. One group of UW Madison students and graduates made it a priority to see them all, even if it meant doing it in one day.

UW Madison student, Sarah Lawinger says it maybe wasn't the smartest way to see the statues, but there group was ambitious as they set out on the mission Sept. 1.

"We had around 10 people that really wanted to see them but it was hard to organize a day for all of our friends to get together. Finally, schedules aligned and we made it happen," Lawinger said.

Lisa Groß, Melissa Seman, Austin Larson, Nolan Carroll, Kortney Sperfslage, Logan Butson, Logan Yeager, Brycen Pratt, and Tara Bender all joined her on the exhibition.

The group started their trek in the morning and finished 10 hours later.

"I think it's important to say thank you to all the artist that put the time into making these statues," Lawinger said.

The Bucky On Parade Finale will be September 29 at the Kohl Center in Madison.