Wis. family finds live frog in carton of organic salad greens

A family found a live frog in their salad. A grocer says that can happen with organic products. (Source: Karlie Allen/WTMJ/CNN)
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GLENDALE, Wis. -- A frog is not something you would ever imagine unpacking in your groceries. But for Karlie Allen, that’s exactly what she found in a bag of lettuce earlier this week.

"I'm thinking one, what the heck how did that get in there and two that is absolutely disgusting,” she says.

Karlie and her family were making dinner when her brother first noticed the frog.

"And my brother looks at her and goes, ’Mom why is there a frog in the salad,’” she remembers.

The family planned to return the container of Simple Truth Organic Lettuce and the frog – but to their surprise it escaped overnight.

Karlie brought the lettuce back to Pick ‘n Save, where her family had originally bought it, and was given a full refund.

"They let the frog go, but Karlie brought the lettuce back to this Pick 'n Save in the morning and showed the clerk the video. She gave her a refund, but Karlie was hoping for answers.

Roundy’s, Pick ‘N Save’s parent company, said in a statement: “These situations happen from time-to-time when organinc products are involved. USDA Cerfitied organic items must be free of synthetic additives and certain pesticides. Although rate, from time-to-time we do see insects and other small animals, such as frogs, make it through packaging and fresh produce items.”

"I just want to know how somebody didn't notice it or how it even managed to get through the packaging process alive,” Karlie says.