Gov. Evers celebrates Inauguration with Gala

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Following his inauguration, Governor Tony Evers celebrated at the Inauguration Gala Monday night at the Monona Terrace.

The Inauguration Gala benefited Big Brother Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee, and drew supporters for music, speeches, and dancing.

Spirits were high throughout the evening as people listened to remarks from Senator Tammy Baldwin, Lt Gov. Mandela Barnes and Gov. Tony Evers.

Throughout Evers' campaign and in his inaugural address earlier today, a focus has been overcoming partisan lines in order to move Wisconsin forward.

"The people of Wisconsin have to be part of this process, they have to own it as much as we are," said Governor Evers.

Attendees at the gala said they were optimistic that collaboration can happen in the state moving forward.

"Contrary to some pessimists, I actually think there's a lot that the governor can get done with the legislature if he focuses on what you might call bread and butter issues," said Michael Kraft, Professor Emeritus of political science at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. "The public here and around the country has shown for a long time they want problems solved and the two parties to cooperate. There's really not a support for partisan division much any longer, and I think that's true at the national level as well as the state level."

Others added that they anticipate Evers addressing funding for public schools early on in his time as governor, along with looking at the university system throughout the state, and improving infrastructure.

"I know that when he delivers his budget, that he is going to provide a path to fabulous public schools, a quality clean environment, good paying jobs, and an infrastructure of roads and bridges that keep us all safe," said Representative Melissa Sargent.

"Well, after all he has a pretty strong background in education, so I'm putting my money on he's going to focus on education," said Kraft. "He's talked a lot about healthcare, making sure everyone can get insurance for pre-existing conditions, the Medicaid expansion."

Performers for the night included Madison's DJ Boyfrrriend, Oshkosh's KWT, and New Age Narcissism. The Plymouth High school Marching Band, and Black Star Drum Line was also in attendance.