Gov. Evers tours flood damage in Trempealeau County

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Gov. Tony Evers toured flood damage in Trempealeau County Monday while also hearing concerns from area residents.

The governor made a stop in the town of Dodge where residents there asked Evers to consider solutions to the town's long history of flooding.

He also toured flood damage in Centerville.

Earlier in the day, the governor also made a stop in Arcadia where the mayor asked for around $14 million in funding to build levees along the Rrempealeau River and Turton Creek.

"I'd say most of the snow melt is gone. In probably two weeks the water might be close to normal,” said Rob Reichwein, mayor of Arcadia.

The project is part of ongoing efforts to curb flooding in Arcadia