Gov. Walker stresses successes in first press conference since election defeat

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Governor Scott Walker held his first press conference since his defeat in the Nov. 6 election.

Walker used the conference on Thursday to lay out his achievements in office, and emphasized their continued importance under new administrations.

Gov.-elect Tony Evers will take over as governor on Jan. 7.

Walker said he still plans on following through with his policies to the end of his term.

“For the next 52 days I still plan on continuing to fulfilling the commitment I made to the voters in this state to serve as the governor at the end of this term,” Walker said.

Looking back on his eight years as governor, Walker expressed satisfaction at what he viewed to be objectives accomplished.

One of them being lowering taxes for the middle class.

“I’m proud that we reduced the tax burden on the hard-working people of this state by $8 billion, reducing property and income tax, eliminated the states property tax,” Walker said.

Walker also said his administration succeeded in lowing unemployment across Wisconsin.

Walker said he is “particularly proud because of our reforms that enabled the people - not the government - the people of the state to create more jobs, higher wages in the state.”

Unemployment has “never been lower than it has been in the last eight months prior to this year and we have more people working in the state of Wisconsin than ever before.” Walker said.

One policy Walker specifically wanted to keep in place after he leaves has to do with the Kimberly-Clark paper mill. Walker is a proponent of Wisconsin giving Kimberly-Clark subsidizes to keep the plant and its jobs in Wisconsin.

“My hope that the members in the state senate, in both parties both Democrats and Republican senators will come to their good senses and find a way to pass legislation to keep hundreds of exceptionally good paying jobs at Kimberly Clark,” Walker said.