Green County farmer has his own amusement park

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MONTICELLO, Wis., (WMTV) --- Tucked away among the farmland of rural Green County, you’ll find the 40-acre Wittenwyler farm in Monticello. On the farm, 61-year-old Wade Wittenwyler has plenty to do. He grows corn, soybeans, hay, and oats. He also has some heifers.

But on his land, you’ll also find an amusement park.

“A person has to have a hobby, I don’t have a motorcycle or a boat. You can’t do everything so you have to specialize a little bit!”

NBC15 first met Wittenwyler for a story in 2012. Seven years later, his nine rides are still in operation. But since we last spoke with him, he hasn’t added to his collection.

“No, there aren’t many of these ground direct rides anymore so they are harder and harder to come by and we kind of ran out of room here too,” Wittenwyler said.

But upkeep on the rides he does have keeps him plenty busy.

“Well we have been doing some painting and quite a bit of maintenance,” he said. “(You go through) paint, a lot of grease. You have got to go through them making sure they’re in pretty good shape,”

He even has his own ferris wheel. All of his rides are mainly from the middle 1940s through the middle 1960s.

“So my brother bought the Ferris wheel and my other brother bought the “Tiger Shark” and then I went up to Waupun and bought the roller coaster,” he said.

His pride and joy is the train and railroad track that he calls the Badger Northern Railroad. He started laying track for the Badger Northern in 2003 and finally finished the project in 2006. The railroad runs all around his 40-acre property.

“We got a lot of friends who have motor cars and they come out here and run them,”

The Wittenwyler farm began back in 1923. Almost 100 years later, the fun doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

The park is not open to the pubic. Wittenwyler uses the rides for when family and friends come to visit.