Green County flood warning continues

Published: Feb. 22, 2018 at 9:41 PM CST
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Rescue teams in Green County are asking people to take flooding seriously after two cars went around barricades and floated off the road and people inside the vehicles needed to be rescued.

Swift water rescue teams from South Beloit, the City of Beloit, Grant and Lafayette counties have been providing assistance throughout the day and night to Brodhead Fire Department after those two water rescues were needed in just 24 hours, one in Brodhead on Wednesday morning and another in Browntown on Tuesday afternoon.

Jason Griffin with the Beloit Fire Department said it's not only dangerous to drive around barricades but dangerous to walk through waterways, too.

"when you're talking through the water ways you gotta be concerned because if you're walking on a hard surface, there might be a manhole that might have popped up because of the water pushing through and somebody could go down through that manhole. There's culverts in the ares as these are big ditches and people can get sucked into culverts and that kinda stuff," said Griffin.

Tanna McKeon with Green County Management said the areas that have been hit the hardest are Monticello, Albany, Brodhead, Browntown and Martintown.

"We've had flooding in green county many many times there's been presidential declarations issued. In my 22 years probably 4 or 5 times perhaps. I'm hearing from a lot of folks that this is the worst they've seen it," said McKeon.

McKeon said water levels are going down but roads are still closed in the county.

As of Thursday, closed roads include:

CTH T - Smith Road to Rock Hill Road

CTH EE - River Road to CTH F

CTH EE - Conservation Road to CTH E

CTH X - Doyle Road to Benke Road

CTH MM - Lafayette County line to Buckhorn Road

Township Roads:

Dill Road

River Road

Silver Road

Schneeberger Road

Sandy Hook Road