Grocery stores will remain open to fill the public need, after Gov. Evers latest order

Published: Mar. 23, 2020 at 7:16 PM CDT
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Gov. Tony Evers issued his “Safer at Home” order Monday afternoon that encouraged everyone to remain in one place and temporarily close non-essential businesses, excluding grocery stores.

Following that announcement, the Wisconsin Grocers Association relayed a message to consumers.

That message was to buy what you need, but do not ‘panic buy’ and stockpile items from stores.

Wisconsin Grocers Association Pres. Brandon Scholz said employees continue to work hard to disinfect their stores and are making sure the food is safe to eat.

"We're continually replenishing the shelves, there is no reason to stockpile,” Scholz said. “If you need to buy a week's worth of groceries, buy a week's worth of groceries, no need to buy three weeks in fact some of that may spoil, so be smart about what you're shopping for."

It’s still difficult to find toilet paper, paper towels and disinfecting products anywhere you go. One shopper told NBC 15 News that he saw people buying bundles of important items at Woodman’s.

“There were people filling their carts with toilet paper and water,” shopper Dustin Wisch said. I thought that was the goofiest thing because there's nothing wrong with the water and there's no real reason to stick pile toilet paper, and I thought that was wrong because then the people who really need it can't get it."

On Monday, many grocery store in Madison and Sun Prairie were busy, but there were no lines stretching out the doors, like last week.

"This is the first time in anyone's lifetime we've gone through this,” Scholz said. “Clearly there are some people concerned, confused and over reacting. I think generally, after this past week, people are starting to get it."