Gunshot detection sensors installed at Baraboo school

Published: Sep. 19, 2019 at 11:56 AM CDT
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When there is an active shooter situation -- seconds matter. A new product is trying to cut down on response time so victims can get help faster.

Stacy Jax is the owner of Trinity Gunshot Alarm System in Baraboo. She’s a former teacher who felt the need to act.

“After several the mass shootings at those schools, as a teacher, I put myself in those shoes. I thought what would I do if a gunman came into my classroom? The idea of a fire alarm came to my head. Well what about a sensor that detects sound instead of smoke?” she said.

Over the summer, Community Christian School in Baraboo had three gunshot detection sensors installed. Jax says other schools are interested in her product, but deals are still being worked out.

The sensor picks up the loud bang of a gunshot and immediately notifies people in the building and police.

“Once the gunshot has been detected, we are able to set up a building-wide alarm. That same info is sent simultaneously sent to law enforcement,” said Jax.

Law enforcement will also receive the exact location in the building where the shot was fired.

Fearing’s Audio and Video Security is a Madison-based company that installs security systems like Trinity’s.

“We are using technology to leverage saving lives,” said Chris Matson, Vice Presidnet of sales for Fearing’s. “It used to be fire drills and tornado drills and now people are putting together plans for mass shootings drills and lockdown drills,”

Jax believes gunshot detection is --unfortunately – the future of security in schools.

“We just need to raise awareness that gunshot detection is a thing and I firmly believe someday it will be common security equipment just like a fire alarm,” she said.

Community Christian School in Baraboo currently has three sensors strategically placed in the school. Each sensor costs $650.