"Heart Hunting" has people feeling the love

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 11:44 AM CDT
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A heartfelt passion project is really taking off in Rock County and beyond. The message is simple: love is all you need.

The heart is the universal symbol for love and compassion. During these difficult days of isolation and social distancing, one woman in Milton is asking people to put their hearts on display.

Leslie Brissette is a first grade teacher at Milton East Elementary school. When school was called off due to Coronavirus concerns, Brissette came up with an idea.

“As a teacher, I knew people were going to be home with their kids and were going to need something to keep them busy and it seemed liked a fun community activity,” said Brissette.

She calls it the “Happy Heart Hunt.” Families place cut-out paper hearts on windows and door then go “hunting” to see how many hearts they can spot.

“I saw someone said they went out heart hunting and said they found 108 so they must have been walking a lot,” Brissette said with a laugh.

Pretty soon, thousands of photos began pouring in on the Facebook page she created for the effort.

“South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, England, Norway. I saw one from South Africa last night so it’s pretty much spread all over,” she said.

Each photo has a heart-- a reminder that love is all around us.

“People need something right now. Everyone is looking for something, some happiness, some positivity so it’s filling that void and everyone is excited to get involved,”

As of Wednesday, the Facebook group has more than 50,000 members.

“It’s something that connects us all,” said mom Elizabeth Parker who also work as the coordinator of Children and Young Family Ministries at United Methodist Church.

Parker and her family are staying safe indoors. Even though they are keeping their social distance, they still feel connected.

“To me it’s the idea of community, the idea we are all in this together. Everyone has a heart, everyone can make a heart and put it in their window,” said Parker.

“We have four kids and it was something for the kids to do, we also drove around to look for the hearts,” said Meghan Jones. “I think it’s just hope that things will get better and hopefully this won’t last very long,”

Brissette says everyone should be kind to one another. All you have to do is follow your heart.

“The message of hope and happiness and kindness and connectedness like we are all the same,”