Hendricks Family Distillery starts making hand sanitizer to fill demand

Hendricks Family Distillery in Omro starts making hand sanitizer.
Hendricks Family Distillery in Omro starts making hand sanitizer.(WBAY)
Published: Mar. 23, 2020 at 9:54 PM CDT
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A shortage of hand sanitizer has caused many distilleries across the country to step in and help fill the gap, including Hendricks Family Distillery in Omro.

"My family said, this might be a big deal, people are really looking for this stuff because they can't find it," said Peggy Hendricks, co-owner.

That theory was confirmed after Hendricks posed to Facebook, informing customers she was going to start making hand sanitizer.

"I just started making this yesterday [Sunday] and my problem is trying to find bottles," said Hendricks.

The distillery is best known for its Pure Class Vodka, but in about a day, the Hendricks have filled and distributed about 300 small bottles of sanitizer.

"Look at the fire department, the first responders and assisted living homes; we live in a small community and I thought whatever we could do to help people, we would do that," said Hendricks.

The Hendricks use fermented potatoes, which goes through the distillation process in the custom still. Then the liquid gets turned into 194 proof neutral spirits and that is what's used in the hand sanitizer.

"We are one of the few distilleries when we make vodka that don't purchase (GNS) grain neutral sprits, a lot of places do because their stills don't hit that 190 proof," said Hendricks. But since this distillery can, all they have to do is add hydrogen peroxide, glyserol and distilled water.

The hand sanitizer is free, but an donation is encouraged.

The only way to get your hands on some is to make a trip to the distillery, which many have already done.

"I'm going to share some with my sister Peggy...she works at city hall in Berlin, so I'm going to give her some and I'll give my husband some and if my kids need some," said Sue Resop, who picked up a couple of bottles on Monday.

To make sure there's some in stock, call or send a text message to 920-379-4515 or email peggyhendricks@gmail.com before you head to the distillery.