What recreational sports are allowed under Phase 2?

Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 10:54 PM CDT
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Phase two of Dane County's reopening plan calls for a few loosened restrictions on recreational sports.

"Today I'm out here with my good buddy playing tennis," Ryan Wynbach, Madison resident said.

It's a change of scenery for Wynbach.

"I love it. It was tough not playing sports chilling at home. Now I'm out here feeling great," he said.

He said playing tennis with a few COVID restrictions isn’t keeping him off the court.

"I've been pretty comfortable ever since the courts opened, I've been out here playing," Wynbach said.

Madison Public Health and Dane County Officials said singles tennis is allowed under phase two because it's considered a low risk sport.

A low risk sport is anything that can be done individually or with physical distancing. The ability to clean equipment and keep sharing to a minimum is possible. Examples include archery, diving, solo kayaking and golf.

"In terms of what we're supposed to do, I don't know either. I guess I'm not really informed. I'm doing what I'm comfortable with,” Wynbach said.

According to the

from Dane County Health, medium and high risks sports are not allowed under phase two. That includes soccer, unless the game is modified to ensure physical distancing.

Some other examples of medium risk sports include doubles tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball and baseball. High risk sports are football, wrestling, and boxing.

"I feel like people are making their own judgements about what feel reasonable," Danielle Molle, Madison resident said.

Molle explained her family comes to Rennebohm park often to play sports. She said the restrictions are hard to keep up with.

"We had a conversation about that and we agree that this feels reasonable to us," Molle said. "We are just savoring this very rare opportunity, and I'm hoping we can keep it going."

is a full list of low, medium and high risk sports.