Homeless Ohio teen continues school online while living in the woods

Homeless Akron teen trying to graduate while living in the woods (Source: 19 News)
Homeless Akron teen trying to graduate while living in the woods (Source: 19 News)(NBC15)
Published: May. 5, 2020 at 7:05 PM CDT
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Ohio has more than 25,000 students who are homeless.

It was a crisis before the coronavirus pandemic.

When schools were open, students could get a meal, have access to the internet, and get a break from a harsh life of uncertainty.

But schools have been closed since March 17, and the most vulnerable children are falling through the cracks.

One teen is trying her best to graduate and fight through the harsh conditions of being homeless.

19 News wants to show the harsh reality of what it is like for this girl trying to graduate while living in the woods.

The student didn’t want to talk and explain her situation, but it was clear that her perseverance, determination, and sheer will is helping her get through such a tough time.

The teen said that she does have a computer and she walks anywhere she can to get a wi-fi reception, in order to do school work.

She didn’t say much but explained that her story isn’t unique and that she is only one of the thousands of students fighting through homelessness to accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

There are 1,800 students in the Akron public school district experiencing homelessness. Most of them “couch surfing,” going from place to place.

Project Rise is a program in the Akron public school district to help students experiencing homelessness stay in school and on track.

The organization is trying to find these students and get them resources.

Project Rise clarified in this particular case the student turned 18 late last year, so she’s not considered a minor.

She’s still a teenager, living in the woods, trying her best to graduate.

How to help

Sage Lewis runs the Homeless Charity and Village Akron.

Lewis is regularly checking in on her and he would be a good person to reach out to offer help.

Phone: 234-417-0711

Sage: 330-416-7519

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