Hoofer Sailing Club celebrates 80th anniversary

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Started in 1939, the Hoofer Sailing Club wanted to give people the ability to have a recreational fleet of sailboats to enjoy. 80 years later, the club has 100 boats, teaches sailing lessons, holds social events and has a top 20 intercollegiate sailing team.

The club is located on Lake Mendota next door to UW-Madison's Memorial Union. According to the Hoofer Sailing Club Commodore Lukas Duddleston, "The piers were in dyer need of some tender love and care. They haven't been redone in 40 years."

The piers underwent a $5 million renovation starting back in October 2018 and the construction fences are coming down to reveal the brand new Tong Family Marina.

"We are so excited to have an area for our members and people in the community to enjoy," Duddleston said.

The Commodore's Cup is a 9-day sailing event at Lake Mendota where sailing teams come and compete in activities. It sets sail July 12th and runs until July 20th. This year marks the 41st year for the Cup and the event is free for anyone to come down to the Marina and watch.

More information about the Hoofer Sailing Club: click here.