HopCat changes name of ‘Crack Fries’, offers apology

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- A Madison restaurant announced on Monday they plan to change the name o f their Crack Fries.

HopCat said on their website that the recipe and ingredients are not changing just the name.

HopCat said they choose the name more than 11 years ago. It was a reference to the addictive quality of the fries and their cracked pepper seasoning without consideration for those the drug negatively affected. They apologize for any pain the name has brought to others.

They said as the company grew, they have come to realize that to make light of this drug and of addiction contradicts their values of inclusion and community. They want to thank their guests, employees, and community members who have helped them come to the realization.

The restaurant said the company-wide menu reprint will happen in mid-January. It will reflect the change. They will also need time to update all other materials which include online menus, training documents and promotions