House on the Rock featured on STARZ network show "American Gods"

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SPRING GREEN, Wis. (WMTV) -- The House on the Rock tourist attraction in Spring Green is getting some new found business after it was featured on the STARZ network show "American Gods."

Starz Entertainment, LLC

The show is based on the book "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. Part of the book takes place at House on the Rock in Spring Green. The STARZ network turned the book into a show and filmed their season two premiere on location, at the popular tourist attraction.

"It was overwhelming at first. There were so many people, so many cameras, but everyone was so gracious and wonderful to work with," said Nancy Shaaf. She's been working at House on the Rock for more than 30 years.

"It was unbelievable there were probably over 200 people coming and filming and all of the technology and all the different actors," Sue Donaldson said. Her family owns the property.

The carousel at House on the Rock is an important part of the American Gods story.

"When they gets on the carousel, it puts them into a portal of a different universe to give them power to gear up for battle," Donaldson said.

She said Gaiman, who is originally from the United Kingtom, was living in Wisconsin with his wife and family and visited House on the Rock. She said he told her the property inspired him so he included it in his book.

Season two of "American Gods" starts at the carousel. Since the premiere, Donaldson said they've been overwhelmed with interest from people now curious about the property.

"Oh it's been crazy. Our website has had over 35,000 web hits, we've gotten phone calls from people that saw our billboard in the episode. We're very excited." Donaldson said.

House on the Rock opened for the spring tourist season today. For more information on how you can visit, click here

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