Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin needs donations for renovations

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JANESVILLE, Wis. "It hasn't been updated in forty years," Mike McManus, Executive Director of Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin, said.

Built in 1976, the Humane Society has been operating in their facility with minimal updates in the last forty years.

"Employees work in closets, our vets have to do around 20 surgeries a day in a medical unit out back," McManus said.

The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin is in need of renovations, but cannot do it without the help of the community.

"We are looking to raise $2.3 million," McManus said. "To complete our project that will give us space and proper necessities to care for more pets."

The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin has 60 cats and around 16 dogs in their facility right now. Kennels do not have access to the outside either according to McManus.

"We hope if we can raise the money to break ground this summer, but we can't do it without generous donations from our community members," McManus said.

If you would like to help donate to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin's new building, click here.