Hurricane Dorian hits close to home affecting Madison family

Published: Sep. 2, 2019 at 9:35 PM CDT
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A Madison bishop and his family are waiting to hear from family members affected by Hurricane Dorian.

The bishop is the husband of Wisconsin State Assembly member Shelia Stubbs.

The bishop's sister in Nassau had to leave her daughter with another family member because she had to work as a nurse in the hospital to help those affected.

The family said they have not heard from the 1-year-old child or the family member taking care of her.

"To hear that your family is crying for help and there's nothing I can do. I couldn't even sleep last night,” Bishop Godfrey Stubbs, End Time Ministries International senior pastor said.

The family has received calls and videos from friends and family showing devastation since last night.

"It is itchy. I am on my edge because I don't know what I'm going to hear when my phone rings," he said.

Homes are destroyed in multiple cities in the Bahamas. Cars are underwater, and the livelihood of those affected is gone.

"In one of the islands, over 1300 houses are destroyed. No food, no houses to return to and the island is simply flat,” he said.

It’s a reality that the Nassau native can't fathom while his family stands by his side.

"It's unbelievable it's something I could not imagine. All day yesterday I continue to ask my husband ‘how you doing are you okay?’ and sit by his side, but there's absolutely nothing I can do," Shelia Stubbs, 77th Assembly District Representative.

The family said there’s nothing they can do, but sit, wait and pray.

"I'm really asking for help. I'm asking for help," Bishop Stubbs said.

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