Husband loses ring day after wedding

Newlyweds Heidi and Robert McClean.
Newlyweds Heidi and Robert McClean.(NBC15)
Published: Jul. 31, 2016 at 10:58 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. -- (WMTV) Heidi and Robert McClean got married on July 23. Twenty four hours later, Robert lost his wedding ring.

"I wasn't mad," Heidi says," I was more just sad."

The day after their wedding, they had the wedding party at Heidi's parent's home on Lake Mendota. They were having a blast until Robert got out of the water and noticed his ring was gone.

"I started to panic," he said, "We had eight people in the lake looking for it."

The rain on their wedding day didn't bring them luck while they searched for the ring that day. They left for their honeymoon the next morning and that is when Heidi's mom stepped in.

She contacted Dan Roekle, the owner of Lost and Found Ring.

"Robert's story is great cause he only had his ring for a day," Roekle said.

Roekle says that rings are more than just jewelry, they have special meanings and fond memories behind them. That is why he loves to help people find their missing rings. With help from his son, he searched at the bottom of the lake with a special metal detector and shovel.

"His ring just screamed when we went over it," Roekle said.

It took him under fifteen minutes to find Robert's ring.

Robert was ecstatic when he found out.

"I didn't know ring finders were a thing, but I'm glad they are!"

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