Interactive road signs protecting slow vehicles

REWEY, Wis. (WMTV) -- Signs developed by the company Slow Ride are giving drivers on country roads a warning when there are slow moving vehicles nearby.

Ole Olson and Brad Willborn created Slow Ride after several fatal accidents involving slow moving vehicles happened in rural parts of south west Wisconsin. Willborn came up with the idea to use simple technology to improve road signs.

They wanted to use technology to give drivers a better idea of when something slow, like a tractor, Amish buggy, bike or pedestrian, was on the road ahead.

Using simple technology, they developed a sign that senses when something is moving less than 25 miles per hour and sets off flashing lights to warn drivers that there is something slow ahead.

"A static sign with the same picture on it that you drive by every day doesn't tell you that something slow already passed in front of it," Olson says.

Slow Ride places these signs on parts of country road that are most dangerous. They are also being used at blind intersections and at school bus stops.

"in the rural areas we share the road with so many different vehicles," Olson says. "We want to be aware that they're on the road with us."

Slow Ride signs cost about $2,000 to get up and running.