Isthmus Eats: Meal Kits using local produce

Published: Jul. 19, 2018 at 9:54 PM CDT
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Meal delivery kits have become more popular and they're designed to make it easier for you to get a home cooked meal. You may have heard of Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. There's also a new business in Madison bringing local produce to you.

For a generation that's looking for quicker and easier.

"I think most modern young couples, we have a bad habit of sitting down in front of Netflix or Hulu,” said Kayla Stutzman, Isthmus Eats customer.

Kayla and Brian Stutzman do their best to spend quality time in the kitchen. They are making Ricotta Gnocchi, a new recipe for the couple.

The inspiration for the dish comes from Isthmus Eats a meal kit delivery service that has a goal of keeping everything delivered to your doorstep, local.

"With all the local farms here there should be local option for meal kits,” said Jonathan Marrone, Isthmus Eats owner.

Before the kits get dropped off at the Stutzman’s. It needs the Isthmus Eats stamp of approval from Jonathan Marrone. While he doesn't have a culinary background he does have a passion for cooking.

"I might see something in a recipe book or online and try to make it my own,” said Marrone.

Marrone is bringing back home cooked meals to families like the Stutzman’s.

“Brian and I sit down for dinner together much more often,” said Stutzman.

Bringing back what seems to be an old tradition with a heaping pinch of convenience.

"I don't live in downtown Madison anymore so I myself often do not get down to the Farmers Market so I like knowing that I'm still support those groups,” Stutzman.

A Public Health Madison and Dane County spokesperson said Isthmus Eats has the proper license and they have not had any complaints or violations.

Isthmus Eats has 60 customers and Marrone does all the delivers himself.

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