Janesville company expanding hemp processing facility to keep up with industry needs

JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) - Since last year, the hemp industry has seen a major increase in hemp growers and hemp processors across the state.

“There’s not enough processors to be able to handle the bio mass that the farmers are going to be able to produce,” said John Goepfert, the CEO of Simply Solutions.

Simply Solutions, a Janesville based company, is expanding into the hemp processing space under the subhead ‘American Extractions’.

Goepfert says using a process based in physics as opposed to chemicals more CBD can be extracted from the hemp itself.

“We can process about twice as much material in about half the time of traditional extraction methods and we’re doing it greener,” he said.
“We’re getting about double the amount of CBD out of every plant that anyone in the nation can get.”

Goepfert says Wisconsin growers will benefit from the new technology and receive more return for their crop.

“It really allows the farmers to have some cash crops where they can make a good return on the labor that they put in,” he said. “We have a place that can take the material that’s close to extract it. That’s the way they’ll achieve return for their time and investment.”

In working with Wisconsin growers, Goepfert says he’s seen the growing pains when it comes to shipping and drying out the plan.

“The biggest choke point right now for the future growth of the hemp industry is going to be in the processing,” Goepfert said.

American Extractions will begin hemp processing at the new building in Janesville by the end of the year. The goal is to begin with 100 to 125 acres and expand the facility from there.