Making a Difference: Elementary school custodian honored for serving students

Published: Nov. 15, 2018 at 5:46 PM CST
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One custodian, and long-time employee of the Janesville School District, received a special honor from the district for going above and beyond for students.

Melvin Crawford has been a custodian at Lincoln for four years and has worked in the school district for ten. Parents and staff alike have taken notice that he goes the extra mile to serve the kids attending school.

On Tuesday morning, Crawford noticed a student walking across the school grounds with socks on their hands to keep warm. He offered the student his gloves, and said he did not need them back. A Lincoln Elementary parent witnessed the kind gesture and told staff at the school.

“It was no big thing to me, it wasn’t. A parent just happened to see it and you know, it took off I guess. I give gloves away all the time, though, and a parent just happened to see it,” Crawford said.

Janesville Schools Superintendent Steve Pophal gave Crawford a “Promise Keeper” pin, an honor not many receive.

“One of our goals is to know our kids by name, strength and need, and that’s by all adults in our building whether it be the custodian, the teacher myself the principal,” said Lincoln Elementary Principle Shawn Galvin.

He said Crawford exemplifies that goal.

“I think Melvin exemplifies that whether he is checking in with kids in the lunchroom giving them high-fives or fist bumps-- just really being a positive role model for them,” Galvin said.

Crawford said many of the kids live in his own neighborhood, and he knows most of the students by name. He said he was simply doing his job.

“That was pretty cool though, it was, because I wasn’t expecting it,” Crawford said.

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