Janesville high school responds to social media post

JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) -- Parker High School in Janesville responded Monday to a post shared nearly 1,000 times on Facebook.

A letter from a Parker High School counselor was posted on the social media site Sunday night.

According to the post, a student earned a scholarship and decided he would enlist in the military instead.

The letter, dated May 3, was posted to Facebook saying:
"Parker High School student services staff was notified by [the student] today that he is entering the military. You should have received an invitation to the Senior Awards program for May 17th this past week. We just want to let you know that [the student] will not be receiving any scholarships or awards and therefore should not attend the awards program."

The post was shared more than 970 times through Monday morning. Some of the comments were critical of how the letter was worded.

Parker High School principal Chris Laue, responded to the letter on Monday saying in part, "I am proud that this student shared his decision to enlist with us, allowing the next student who meets the criteria for the scholarship to be supported. The change in eligibility was explained to the student prior to the letter being sent to family."

Laue further says the letter to the family could have state the circumstances more clearly.

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