Man accused in death of Lake Mills firefighter released on signature bond

Published: Jan. 3, 2019 at 1:55 PM CST
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A man authorities said is responsible for the death of Lake Mills firefighter on New Year’s Eve has been released on a signature bond.

Samuel Patrick Cremers made his initial appearance in a Dane County court on Thursday afternoon. Cremers was given a $5000 signature bond which he is responsible to pay if he misses any future court dates. The court commissioner said it was an unusual bail hearing because cases that involve homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle usually include a pretty substantial cash bail.

The commissioner said that since there is no formal charge, his hands are tied and that makes the bail and conditions requested reasonable.

According to the conditions of the bond, Cremers can’t consume alcohol, be in any bar, tavern, or liquor store, or operate a motor vehicle.

The state attorney, William Brown, said the case is going to take “some time” to investigate. Brown told the court there is going to be a significant delay until the crash reconstruction results are finalized. The state is also awaiting on the results from a blood test from the state crime lab. Since there are no formal charges, the state requested a $5,000 signature bond, along with the no alcohol and no driving stipulations. The defense agreed to those conditions.

Cremers was arrested for injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle and homicide intoxicated use of a vehicle.

The Monona Police Department said Christopher Truman pulled over and was helping a driver in a car that crashed on the eastbound side of the Beltline near Monona Drive on Monday evening. While Truman was assisting the driver, another vehicle hit him. He died from his injuries.

Truman was a firefighter for 13 years. The last eight years he was a captain with the Lake Mills Fire Department. Before that he worked for the Cambridge Fire Department.

Cremers is scheduled to appear in court again on March 7.