Just 75 cents per gallon? Gas prices continue to plunge amid pandemic

The price of gas fell to just 75 cents per gallon, the lowest in Wisconsin, at the Francis...
The price of gas fell to just 75 cents per gallon, the lowest in Wisconsin, at the Francis Creek Shell station outside Manitowoc (Source: Gas Buddy)(NBC15)
Published: Apr. 25, 2020 at 11:23 AM CDT
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The price of gas continues to tumble as demand remains low during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the latest numbers from

, the average price of gas in Wisconsin has hit a record-low of just $1.18 per gallon.

And in some areas in our state, gas is even more of a steal. GasBuddy reports the average price of gas in Madison is $1.13 per gallon, $1.16 in Milwaukee and a slim $1 per gallon in Green Bay and Appleton.

A gas station just outside Manitowoc seemed to take first place in Wisconsin with some of the cheapest gas, at just 75 cents per gallon, during one point this week, WLUK

GasBuddy adds these are the lowest prices since it started collecting data in 2000.

Analysts believe the cost will continue to drop, as crude oil prices haven’t been this low since 2002. The coronavirus pandemic has also played a role in the price decline.

"Globally we have just seen a significant drop in demand both form people not traveling, recreational as well as just traveling day to day, with people sheltering at home in places like Europe and Asia. That is really just reducing the daily demand that people have for gasoline,”

AA director of public affairs for the Midwest region, Nick Jarmusz.

If you have pictures of the price of gas at your local station, share them with NBC15 News here.