Kids get hands-on experience in the medical field

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REEDSBURG, Wis. "It's a new look on things rather than seeing, you know, one view you get to see the whole thing which I thought was kinda cool," Henry Larson, student who participated in Club Scrub, said.

Kids get to learn how to put in an IV, CPR and baby breathing techniques, for example, during their time at Club Scrub. They work on medical simulation mannequins that have life-like abilities to give people advanced training.

"What are we doing with these mannequins as far as if they were a real life patient, are we getting to the correct depth, are we letting the heart recoil, are we giving the correct rate to these patients so then when we're doing that with those who walk through our doors we know we are giving the best quality care to them," Allison Kouba, Medical Official at the Reedsburg Area Medical Center. said.

Kouba said all new medical officials go through the simulation lab for training before they head upstairs and work on real patients. The simulation in it's full scope has been around for two years, Club Scrub has been a program for more than 10 years.

"Our hospitalists that we have upstairs have also mentioned that they've seen improvements in the nurses just in the comfort of certain areas," Tammie Skrabel, RN Reedsburg Area Medical Center, said.

The kids also gain a sense of comfort and confidence, Larson said that before Club Scrub he wanted to go into engineering, but now he thinks the medical field might be a better fit.

"My favorite part was that we got to see different parts of the medical field, not just what we see on TV with doctors, surgeons and ER Nurses, I mean you could be a chef or dietitian at a hospital and I think that's really cool," Larson said.