Liberals eye 2020 takeover of Wisconsin Supreme Court

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Liberals are optimistic about taking over majority control of Wisconsin's Supreme Court, with a critical election two months away that will set the stage for a pivotal court race next year.

If the liberal-backed candidate wins the April 2 Supreme Court race, conservatives would have to win the 2020 election that's on the same day as Wisconsin's presidential primary when Democratic turnout is expected to be high.

Conservatives have controlled Wisconsin's Supreme Court since 2008, but if liberals can notch a win in April and again in 2020, they would have the majority until at least 2025.

Democrats see taking control of the court as a way to check the power of Republicans who have had majorities in the Legislature since 2011.

The race pits liberal-backed state Appeals Court Judge Lisa Neubauer against conservative Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn.