Local Girl Scout’s project provides radios for Alzheimer’s patients

MADISON, Wis (WMTV) - It is the time of the year where the Girl Scouts start selling cookies, however, one girl chose to give the money raised from cookie sales toward a cause close to her heart.

Alex Janis, an 11th grader from Waunakee, is selling cookies to raise money for her Gold Award, one of the highest honors in Girl Scouts. In order to get the gold, she chose to complete a project where she will donate special radios to help Alzheimer’s patients at a local care facility.

“I feel very strongly about the Alzheimer’s issue and so music is something that can really help Alzheimer’s patients. It’s amazing to see what music can do, it is almost like they are waking up when they hear that perfect song,” she said.

She said she will purchase 16 One Button Radios to put in each room at Homestead Living in Waunakee. Janis said her own grandfather has Alzheimer’s and music can be great therapy.

“I am working with the local care facility Homestead. It is kind of a smaller facility, and I am meeting with each resident on-one-one, or in some cases when a resident has trouble verbalizing, I am planning on meeting with their families to learn what music they like,” she said.

The radios play customized music for the person listening. Janis said the goal is to raise $2,500, and she currently has enough sales to buy two radios.

“When I see their faces when we play the music and knowing that I can make it so they can play the music whenever they want and hear that music that makes them feel so good- that just feels amazing,” she said.

If you are interested in buying cookies from Janis, her troop can be reached at: gst2298@gmail.com