Local Team Rubicon volunteers help with Hurricane Dorian damage

Published: Sep. 6, 2019 at 6:34 PM CDT
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A Team Rubicon volunteer from the Madison area left for the Bahamas Friday afternoon to help with Hurricane Dorian relief.

Michael Brady said he will help to coordinate the up to 200 volunteers with Team Rubicon set to arrive in the Bahamas next week.

“It will be the third hurricane that I deployed to, but I think this one will show the most damage,” Brady said.

Brady said the international non-profit is made up of mostly veterans and first responders. He said he has been a part of the organization since 2016.

This type of mission is not new for Brady. In Aug. 2018, he helped lead a response team to help clean up the damage left behind by historic


“When we were in Black Earth, Cross Plains and Mazomanie, that was important to me and special to me because those are my neighbors," he said.

Jodi Moyer, the EMS and emergency management coordinator at Beloit Health System, is also a part of the team that helps get Team Rubicon volunteers out to the disasters.

She said her experience working in the emergency room prepared her for when she was deployed internationally to South America.

“This is actually going to be Team Rubicon’s largest response to date,” Moyer said.

She said the volunteers overseas will face unique challenges, such as learning to use different facilities, equipment and a lack of communication.

“There’s going to be a lot of damage, a lot of people that need a lot of things, and we are going over there to give them as much help as possible,” she said.

Brady said, just like many people in southern Wisconsin needed help during historic flooding, those living in the Bahamas deserve the same response.

“If it did happen to you, you would want somebody to come and help,” he said.

Brady said people do not have to be a first responder or veteran to volunteer, and they always need help and donations. For more information click