Local bus driver shares personal story about bus stop dangers

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MIDDLETON, Wis. (WMTV) - While the circumstances that led to a fatal crash involving a 6-year-old girl in Waushara County are still under investigation, a bus driver with the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District tells NBC 15 News he’s seen a lot from the driver’s seat.

A bus driver in the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District shares his personal stories about the dangerous decisions he's seen other drivers make behind the wheel.

Transportation Services Manager Jeff Fedler with the Middleton Cross Plains School District said people drive by, looking directly at him when the stop arm is extended. Fedler said this commonly happens while students are waiting to get off the bus or cross the street.

“On average, if I'm covering a route for a week, I know at least two or three times in that week that I'm driving that route, someone's going to try to pass my reds, or not stop at all," Fedler said.

Fedler added that his number one priority is keeping those kids safe. Even when he shows the stop sign and has the red lights flashing, Fedler won't let kids go until he gives them the 'okay.’

Fedler said a driver coming up along the right shoulder, like the incident near Plainfield, Monday, is out of the ordinary.

"Most instances, you're looking all around you and all around the bus, but to expect someone to cut the ditch or to come up on that side is very frightening,” Fedler said.

NBC 15 News also contacted the Wisconsin State Patrol about the penalties for running a stop arm. Troopers said that a convicted driver will have to pay a $326 ticket, any other charges are decided on a case-by-case basis.