Local companies collaborate to create an all-electric ride sharing experience

Published: Oct. 16, 2019 at 6:00 AM CDT
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"With the new all-electric vehicles we can save 8.5 metric tons of carbon per year per car," According to Zerology. an electric vehicle transportation company, said.

In a collaboration with Green Cab Madison,

released their new all-electric Tesla 3 models as the new ride sharing experience for the City of Madison.

Green Cab Madison started in 2010 and the company has 40 vehicles that are Toyota Prius'. Riders can request a Green Cab through their

and like other taxi companies the ride does not have surge prices.

"It's an investment in the community," Jody Schmidt, Co-Founder and President of Green Cab, said. "We want to be a contributor to helping make Madison one of America's greenest cities. And as you see other industries and other people doing their part we felt that we wanted to and it's certainly been our mission from day one when we started with Green Cabs so this is just the next step."

The City of Madison has made other strides to reduce the city's carbon footprint. Metro is adding electric buses and the city has added electric vehicles to their fleet services.

Zerology said they expect to have all 40 Green Cab Madison cars transitioned to the Tesla 3 models by October 23.