Local police will not be randomly stopping people outside their homes: police chiefs

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- Dane County law enforcement will not be randomly arresting people outside of their homes during the "Safer at Home" order, according to a letter endorsed by local police chiefs on Friday.

The Dane County Chiefs of Police Association published the letter after local police departments received "many questions and concerns" about the "Safer at Home" order - specifically that people could face up to a month in jail or a $250 fine, according to the order.

However, on Friday police departments wanted to reassure residents that officers will not be randomly stopping people who are traveling to and from their homes, or who are out in their communities within the exempted parameters.

Instead, officers' primary focus is in "keeping our communities safe," according to the letter.

However, the letter states that if departments receive information about large gatherings, or if they become aware of a group of people blatantly ignoring the order, officers will take "appropriate action to encourage compliance."

The "Safer at Home" order does allow residents to visit essential businesses, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, medical facilities, as well as for taking care of sick or elderly loved ones.

Police chiefs added in the letter Friday that the order does not require people to obtain a special letter, permit, or permission to leave your home.

Dane County Chiefs of Police Association asks that questions can be directed to your local law enforcement department.

The letter was endorsed by police chiefs of the following departments: UW-Madison Police Department, Fitchburg Police Department, Shorewood Hills Police Department, Monona Police Department and the University of Wisconsin Police Department.

Madison Police Department Interim Chief Wahl said he also endorsed the letter, according to his daily blog.

"The Madison community is doing a great job of following the State's "Safer at Home" order; please continue to do so. This benefits all of us, and allows our MPD officers to focus on visibility and presence in our City," according to Wahl.