Local radio legend retiring

Published: Apr. 29, 2019 at 3:19 PM CDT
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It has been second nature for Lindsay Wood Davis to keep his schedule filled since he began working in radio at 17-years-old. All of that is changing. The man who has been a voice in the radio industry is deciding to quietly retire.

"There is no question that this station wouldn't be what it is today without Lindsay Wood Davis," WVMO's Will Nimmow said.

Nimmow worked closely with Davis as they created WVMO, Monona's community radio station. They broadcast news, special programs, and music.

Davis was crucial in getting the proper technical licenses to get the low-power station up and running. Nimmow says Davis has great connections with a variety of people in the state that contributed to every aspect of WVMO's launch. Broadcasts on WVMO began in 2015, and have grown with help from their volunteers, which includes Davis.

"When we first started he was probably putting in a 40 hour work week with the rest of us," Nimmow said.

Davis went out of his way for WVMO, sometimes this included doing on-air commentary and reporting.

It's not his on-air reporting that got him recognized by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. WBA President Michelle Vetterkind, says Davis' broadcast knowledge lead local radio stations his parents owned across the country to great success. Eventually, Davis started broadcast consulting and training programs. These programs brought him international recognition for his philosophies and research.

"He is a phenomenal teacher," Vetterkind said, " I am grateful to know him."

It seems to be the same tone almost everyone has when they talk about Davis. He is a man with many words, who has a booming personality guaranteed to make any stranger smile. Now, Davis says it's time to spend more time with his family since WVMO is sustainable on it's own with Nimmow at the helm.

"We have been called one of the very best in the nation. And, that is very fulfilling," Davis said.