Lundgaard service brought firefighters from around the country

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - Fire trucks from across the state filled the parking lot at Appleton Alliance Church to show support for their fallen brother, Mitch Lundgaard.

Fire trucks parked in rows for procession (WBAY photo)

One by one, fire tenders, ladder trucks and emergency vehicles rolled in in support for Lundgaard, his family and the Appleton community.

"We're all one, big family. When something happens like that, no matter how far away, it touches all of us on a personal level," Casey Kamm of the Grover Fire Department said.

Kamm is part of a volunteer fire department. He's in the fire protection program at Fox Valley Technical College and remembers seeing Lundgaard around campus.

"I didn't know Mitch on a personal level, but I knew who he was and recognized him from school, and it was a hard time these last few days," Kamm said.

Prior to the memorial service, there were about 80 fire trucks in one section of the parking lot alone -- and more kept coming in.

"You work with a group of people who get what it is you see every day, what you go through, what you put up with," Lt. Brent Jones of the Milwaukee Fire Dept. said.

Jones said he's seen support from not only across the state but around the country.

"We have people here from as far as the East Coast and as far west as Colorado Springs, Colorado," Jones said.

Showing how strong the brotherhood and sisterhood really is.

"This is where it shows," Lt. Jones said.

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