MPD: Knife-wielding man attacks man in his apartment

Gregory Garel
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- A 21-year-old man suffered a broken nose and concussion after he was attacked by a man on Saturday night.

Joel Despain, a spokesperson with the Madison Police Department, said the victim and another man, both of who are homeless, accepted an offer to stay in the suspect’s West Washington Avenue apartment in order to stay warm.

Despain said while at the home, all were drinking beer. At some point the suspect became enraged, grabbed a kitchen knife and threatened to kill the victim. He proceeded to repeatedly punched and strangled the younger man to the point of unconsciousness. The injured man and other man were able to escape a short time later.

He said the two men began banging on doors of neighboring apartments hoping someone would call for help. Police were then called.

The victim was taken to the hospital.

59-year-old Gregory D. Garel of Madison was arrested for second degree reckless endangerment while armed, substantial battery, impede breathing by pressure on throat or neck and disorderly conduct.