Madison Fire Dept. waiting for answers after firefighter, triathlete dies

MADISON, Wis (WMTV) - Members of the Madison Fire Dept. are still looking for answers following the death of one of their own.

Courtesy: Kirk Munden

Firefighter Todd Mahoney passed away Tuesday in the hospital following a two day battle for his life.

Mahoney is the second athlete to die after being rescued during the swimming portion of the half Ironman on Sunday.

Madison Fire Chief Steven Davis announced the funeral will be held on Sunday, which is also Father’s Day. He said Mahoney’s family wanted it this way, as he is a father to three young boys.

Chief Davis and Lt. Mahlon Mitchell, who is also the president of Local Firefighters 311, held a press conference Wednesday afternoon detailing they still do not know the exact cause of death.

“We are used to seeing really bad things throughout the community, but we can never prepare or be ready to respond to one of our own,” Mitchell said.

Davis said Mahoney was only 38-years-old, and his death came as a shock to the department.

"We are hurting as an organization, we are keeping a close eye on our people, we have a peer support team within our organization that has been very active within the last 72 hours,” he said.

Mahoney was a nine-year veteran of the department, working as a paramedic and apparatus engineer. The department said his wife and children are doing their best to cope.

"They are shook up but they got a good support network within their family and within their extended family at MFD, and so they are doing about as well as you can expect,” Davis said.

The department is waiting on a report from the medical examiner to learn more information. The time and place of the funeral is yet to be determined.