Madison Police Department tackles new use of force training

MPD in action during their Use of Force training session on Dec. 3.
MPD in action during their Use of Force training session on Dec. 3.(NBC15)
Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 5:54 PM CST
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Madison Police Department officials are taking a new approach to hands-on use of force training after reviewing their practices and areas of needed improvement.

"There was no specific incident that lead to this training," MPD Acting Chief, Vic Wahl said.

This training comes a few months after the last high-profiled case with a family threatening a lawsuit against the City of Madison over a

. Wahl says the departments Use of Force Coordinator has been examine all of their Use of Force incidents for the past three years and has worked on new training for some time.

"It flows. It's not a matter of one person can do this, everyone is raining in the method," Sgt. Kimba Tieu said.

Tieu says the department collorborated with the police department in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their officers each spent time in the other's city to observe practices and ways to improve their hands-on use of force.

Tieu says the new practices focus on a team hands-on approach. The officers goal is to start tall and work their way down to safely get the subject under control if they are resisting arrest.

"It's not the answer for extreme violence and weapons," Tieu added.

The new use of force training does include some updated techniques from the Wisconsin Defensive Rest Tactics for police. Wahl and Tieu echoed the same point that different variables can apply to various trainings, and that is why training is constantly evolving.

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