Madison-based group working to improve life in Ethiopia

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- A Madison-based non-profit is aiming to make a difference in Ethiopia, working with a young Wisconsinite who's been getting some national attention.

Jonah Larson on NBC's Little Big Shots (Source: WMTV)

Jonah Larson is from La Crosse and is on NBC’s show, Little Big Shots. This crochet whiz is using his talents to draw attention to a cause he cares about Roots Ethiopia.

Roots Ethiopia founder Meghan Walsh says the focus of the nonprofit is threefold: send children in Ethiopia to school, improve rural schools there, and help collectives of Ethiopian women develop small businesses.

“I started in Ethiopia because of my interest in social justice and economic justice,” Walsh says. “Ethiopia's a wonderful country. And that interest was fueled of course by my sons, who were born in Ethiopia, and who my husband and I adopted. It felt like a place that would serve many, many deep passions of mine.”

Jonah's sold some of his crochet items on Roots Ethiopia’s website, and that's when they learned the area the nonprofit works with in Ethiopia is actually where Jonah was born.

Jonah's even talked about Roots Ethiopia on Little Big Shots: A new episode of little big shots is airing right here on NBC15, Sunday night at 7 p.m.