Madison bishop continues search for family in Bahamas

Published: Sep. 3, 2019 at 6:41 PM CDT
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A Madison family continues to search for missing family members in the Bahamas.

Bishop Godfrey Stubbs said his prayers have been answered. He received several phone calls from family members today, but they're still waiting to hear from his sister and his 1-year-old niece.

Bishop Stubbs said hearing his brother's voice is like music to his ears in the midst of devastation.

"He will do the necessary things and try to locate the family members," he said.

But the sadness still lingers.

"There are still a lot of persons missing," he said.

A list of missing family members is circulating the Bahamas and two of his own, his sister and niece, are still on that list.

"It's frightening. Looking at your cell phone and you expect it to ring. Its saddening," he said.

Even though the storm has passed, he said it will take time before the sun comes out again.

"We are encountering the aftermath. In Abaco the graveyards have opened up. Coffins with dead bodies and remains are floating all over the city," he said.

Cities are destroyed and underwater. People are without food, supplies and medication. The island is in dire need of help to rebuild and start over.

"I think it's the Godly thing to do. It's the right thing to assist our brothers and sisters," he said.

The Stubbs family is still searching for their niece and sister. They said they'll continue to pray and have faith. So that the next time the phone rings, it will be her calling.

"We just need the prayers to keep going and the phone keeps ringing. We're praying the news is great news, but we need to hear news," Shelia Stubbs, 77th Assembly District Representative said.

The bishop plans to visit the Bahamas to help with relief efforts within a month.

To donate to relief efforts, visit the

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