Madison family raises awareness for Type 1 Diabetes

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 7:42 AM CDT
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A Madison family is hoping to raise awareness when it comes to Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes or T1D is a disease found mainly in young people. Five-year-old Olivia Meyer was diagnosed in March 2018.

“It was scary to say the least, we had a 3 month old baby at home so it was up to Olivia and I to stay in the hospital while mom cared for the baby,” said dad Scott.

Olivia gets a shot of insulin at least four times every day --once before a meal and one time before bed.

“It’s hard to, I mean we do it because we have to, but it’s hard to administer a shot. You don’t want to hurt your kid and to be sticking something in them four or five times a day, it becomes routine, but there are times when it’s hard,” added Scott.

Olivia wears this device on her arm to monitor her glucose level. That device is connected via Bluetooth to a cell phone that she wears in a fanny pack around her a waist. If her levels get too low, Scott gets a notification on his phone immediately.

“We were always kind of an active family, a try-to-be-healthy family. But it really made us have to watch and calculate everything that comes into our house and everything we eat,” said Scott.

According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, more than 200,000 people younger than 20-years-old have T1D in the United States.

“Type 1 diabetes is of no fault of the patient themselves. It has nothing to do with lifestyle or diet anything like that. It’s an auto-immune disease where your pancreas essentially stops working. It stops administering insulin and you can’t control that, you can’t fix that,” said Scott.

The Meyer family has been working with JDRF to hopefully find a cure. If you’d like to help, a local shop is donating some of their sales to the non-profit organization. Tradition Children’s and Women’s Markets in downtown Middleton is joining the fight. Visit the store from 5-7:30pm Thursday night and 10% of sales will be donated to JDRF.

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