Madison woman honored with national GoFundMe award

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- "Right now, we know that black women in Dane County, across Wisconsin, and really across the country face disparities in their health outcomes their health quality," said Lisa Peyton-Caire.

Peyton-Caire is the founding CEO and president of The Foundation for Black Women's Wellness. She started the organization in 2012. Six years earlier, her mother passed away to congestive heart failure at the age of 64. Peyton-Caire said her mother’s death was a life-changing moment and the beginning of her work to advance black women’s health.

In November, the Black Women's Health and Wellness Center will open on Madison’s west side. Peyton-Caire said there are few other centers like it and none in southern Wisconsin. It'll be a place for women to take yoga and other fitness classes, get involved in support groups and talk about topics like mental health and parenting.

Mary Wells has lived in Madison her whole life and said seeing a place like this set to open soon is inspirational.

"It’s a breath of fresh air… Now, we have some inspirational things. We can walk, we can do things in the community with other women," said Wells.

The Black Women’s Wellness foundation started a 100 thousand dollar GoFundMe campaign for the center and it has exceeded the goal.

Peyton-Caire is also one of five people being recognized in the GoFundMe Heroes celebration. Next month, she'll be honored in San Francisco by GoFundMe as someone who has used the platform to help others.