Madison mom calls Whitehorse Middle School investigation unfair

Published: Mar. 5, 2019 at 11:18 AM CST
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We heard on Tuesday morning from a Madison mother who said her 11-year-old daughter was assaulted by a teacher at her middle school.

At a press conference, the mother called the investigation unfair.

On Feb. 13, a teacher at Whitehorse Middle School allegedly pushed an 11-year-old African-American student down and ripped out her braids.

Mikiea Price, the girl’s mother, said she’s seen the video from inside Whitehorse Middle School. Showing what she said is a a teacher physically assaulting her daughter. She said she feels like every department that's been a part of this investigation, the Madison Metropolitan School District and child protective services, have all told her that some other agency has failed during this investigation. She said the teacher under investigation should be arrested.

Price's pastor spoke with her at the press conference. He called what happened after the incident, failure all the way around and that the system has slapped her in the face. He said the school failed to call police and child protective services after the incident happened.

“The police stated that they had to jump through hoops to interview witnesses because of MMSD. Child protective services said they had to wrestle with police to ensure the process was conducted properly however the main theme is consistently being forgotten about which is the child and her family," Pastor Marcus Allen of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church said at the press conference on Tuesday.

“Just the whole system is just super stressful, super hurtful. It makes me feel like me and my kid don't even deserve a chance. All of this evidence showing that this teacher has abused my daughter and nothing is even done,” said Price.

Madison police have wrapped up their role in the investigation, and they have handed what they found over to the Dane County District Attorney’s Office. The district attorney’s office will decide if the case will move forward.

“Somehow this investigation has gone off kilter. Now that he has the case I ask that he do right by this family and amend the failures that have happened throughout the entire process and arrest this man," Allen said.

A spokesperson for the Madison Metropolitan School District said, "Schools exist to nurture, uplift, and care for students. Every student should be safe at school. We have fully cooperated with the police investigation and DA’s process. As soon as the criminal process is concluded, we will follow our district protocol and now complete a full administrative review. It’s our responsibility to take all the information available from law enforcement, understand every fact and take appropriate action."

Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham of the Madison Metropolitan School District addressed the incident as well as others that have happened this school year in a letter to the community last week. In that letter, she said that the incident at Whitehorse was quote "especially horrific" and said there was failure on part of the district regardless of what comes out of the police investigation.

Cheatham said that these incidents have caused harm to Black students, their families, and our community.

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