Madison police offer active shooting training classes

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- In the wake of recent mass shootings, community members attended a civilian response to active shooter events class in Madison to learn what to do if faced with an active shooter.

Madison resident Deanna Basile Koerner says she has a busy life, but it was time to make time for this.

"I just feel like these events are happening more and more often, and at some point it may touch my life or someone I know," Koerner says.

Koerner joined more than 50 other people to learn what she could do if she was under fire by an active shooter.

Police say the top things to remember are to avoid the shooter, deny the shooter access to you and defend yourself.

"There's two things that dictate the body count in an active shooter event,” says Madison police officer Matt Magolan. “Availability of the target and the amount of time to shoot and kill people. You take away one or two of these things. If you have no targets, you have no body count. If the shooter doesn't have time to shoot, he can't kill anyone."

Madison police say there's been a recent spike in attendance to these seminars, giving peace of mind and preparing people before tragedy strikes.

Madison police says they also do private active shooter training at schools, organizations and businesses for free. To request a training, head over to our website for instructions.

You can find out how to attend a class on the city of Madison’s website.